Four years, I've watched as others scratched off lottery tickets and shouted with jubilation over a $100, $500, or even a $1000 win. And here I sit...not bothering.

Oh I've tried and tried, but I am no good at gambling. I mean, I know what I'm DOING, but I've only ever come out ahead twice--once in Las Vegas when I got home with $225 won at one of those poker machines and once at Ellis Park when I picked up 45 bucks after correctly betting on a horse.

Honestly, I was just as excited that I placed a bet at the track CORRECTLY as I was about the winnings.

But that's all folks. I've been to the casino in Evansville--in all of its incarnations--and it's been a big bust. And when it comes to lottery tickets, I've never even won so much as a dollar. That's fine. I own it.


Now, if I had purchased a high-stakes ticket like a $2 million Powerball ticket, I would be paying hyper-close attention to the Internet to see if I won. I would think anybody would. But that is apparently not the case with one consumer who bought such a ticket back in June and has yet to claim it. Here's the official word regarding this particular timetable:

Prizes greater than $600 must be claimed at a Hoosier Lottery Office or by mail. Jackpots and $100,000 winners must be claimed at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters. If claiming by mail and prize is greater than $25, a claim form provided by the Hoosier Lottery must be used. <span style="font-family: Arial;">Mail all claims to P.O. Box 6126, lndpls. IN 46206. All other prizes may be claimed at any participating on-line retailer. <b>ALL PRIZES MUST BE CLAIMED WITHIN 180 DAYS AFTER THE DRAWING. </b></span>The ticket, not the playslip, represents your official selection for the drawing and must be presented to claim a prize.


The ticket was sold on June 18th in Russiaville IN at McClure Oil, 670 E. Main St. That means that ticket will expire on December 15th. And I gotta tell you, that gives me a little anxiety for this person, whoever it is. I certainly hope he or she is okay.

You know, I'm getting that it seems to be done differently in each state, and I don't mean the time frame. This woman in New Jersey was APPROACHED with the news of her winnings.

How does someone know that before the winner does? Regardless, this particular procedure would come in handy right now for the mystery Hoosier sitting on the mother of all nest eggs.

The clock is ticking; I hope we have winner soon.

[SOURCE: WTHR-Indianapolis]

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