Love! Exciting and new.  Come aboard. We're expecting you!- The Love Boat Theme.

When I was a kid, I loved watching The Love Boat. In fact, I have an absolutely hilarious memory tied to that show that involves my elementary school, Thruston Elementary.  Some of my classmates may remember this too.

I remember being in school one day and the heat went out.  We were FREEZING!!  But, they kept us in school as opposed to sending us home.  That said, our teachers knew we weren't going to accomplish anything in the way of learning that day, so we got to watch TV.  I forget whose class I was in, but I remember us watching an episode of The Love Boat.  Yes!  In school.  LOL!

I also distinctly remember the backlash from some random parent.  They were concerned with some of the "adult" themes we were exposed to by watching The Love Boat, so we were never able to watch it again.  To this day, I find that hilarious, because most of us were completely addicted to the show Dynasty at the time and it was much worse. Each week, my friends and I would spend time in gym class discussing what happened on the episode that aired the night before.  The Love Boat, in retrospect, seems rather harmless.  Yet, there was at least one concerned parent who forced the ship back to dock.

Well, my love affair with The Love Boat continues to this day.  I am pretty sure everyone who ever watched that show can still hum or sing parts of the theme song.  It's, well, iconic.

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And, so is this!  Princess Cruises just announced that they're hosting a Love Boat-themed cruise in early 2022 and its going to be hosted by Celebrations Ambassador Jill Whelan

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Jill Whelan, of course, played Vicki Stubing, the daughter of The Love Boat's Captain Stubing, played by the late Gavin MacLeod.

She'll be joined by the following Love Boat cast members: Cynthia Lauren Tewes (Julie McCoy), Bernie Kopell (Doc), Fred Grandy (Gopher) and Ted Lange (Isaac).  In addition to appearances by those former cast members, the Princess cruise will feature a special tribute to MacLeod, whose birthday, February 28th, will be celebrated during the cruise.  MacLeod, by the way, served as Brand Ambassador for Princess Cruises for nearly four decades before his passing earlier this year.

According to the official news release from Princess Cruises, the Love Boat sailing will feature the following activities:

  • Sailaway party
  • Festive 1970s-inspired ‘Love Boat’ Disco Deck Party
  • Renewal of vows ceremony, hosted by Whelan and the cast on the top-deck
  • Q&A with the cast, sharing favorite memories of the show
  • Birthday celebration honoring Gavin MacLeod
  • “Love Boat” episodes airing on Movies Under the Stars and in staterooms
  • Love Boat trivia with the Cruise Director
  • Cast photo opportunities
  • “Love Boat” themed menus and specialty cocktails
  • Themed décor, photo backdrops and merchandise 

The "Love Boat" cruise will set sail from Los Angeles on Saturday, February 26th.  It's a seven-day adventure to the Mexican Riviera that will return to L.A. on Saturday, May 5th.  Ports-of-call include Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta.

Fares for the Love Boat adventure start at just $499 per person for an Interior Cabin.  For more room categories and rates and to book YOUR Love Boat cruise, CLICK HERE!

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