Note: As some of you may know, I am NOT a UK fan, however, I will give credit where credit is due when it comes to the Cats and I owe them a HUGE credit.  Yeah, my brackets are busted, they are  bloody, and they are crushed deep into the earth.  My only hopes of gaining any points now is if Kansas can win the tournament; did I mention they are the only #1 seed still alive?  This year's tournament has proven, NEVER trust a #1 seed, hello PITT, Duke, and Ohio St.  I knew PITT didn't stand a chance, yet I gave into my better judgement in a few of my brackets.  Duke, on the other hand, I had a little more faith in them; they won last year.  But never in a billion years, did I think Ohio St. would lose to UK.  And I'm sure a billion brackets exploded high into the air after UK's 62-60 win.  It's very intesting last year's runner-up, Butler, will have to play this year's SEC runner-up Florida; yeah, that #2 seed isn't so far off after all.  I went with the philosopy that perhaps BYU AND San Diego St. had a good shot at making the Final Four: WRONG!  Sure they had great records, but they didn't face any stiff competition all season except with each other.  And where the heck did Arizona come from???  I didn't hear a thing about them this season, yet they have shot at going back to the Final Four, if they can beat UCONN, and I should have had more faith in the Huskies. 

So UK will face North Carolina, who only beath them by 2 back in December in Chapel Hill.  Really, it's a toss-up, especially since the first game was so close.  I won't make any predictions, since I'm always wrong, so I say it will be a another great (close)  game in what has been a phenomenal NCAA tournament.  I always hated chalk.