Are you a business professional that thinks public speaking is a form of torture? Learn how Owensboro Toastmasters can help, during their Open House event.

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Boost your confidence by learning the important tools and skills needed to speak in public. Toastmasters clubs offer special workshops to build confidence and command any room or stage. The Owensboro Kentucky Chapter of Toastmasters is having an Open House to learn more about the program. The workshop happens on May 6th, 2019 at 6:00pm and will take place at the First Baptist Church in downtown Owensboro.

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"Chartered in 1955, Owensboro Toastmasters has a mixed group of veteran speakers, long-standing members, and new Toastmaster members. Everyone is welcome no matter their speaking experience.  It's our goal to help each member develop their own speaking voice and leadership abilities. Although we are a group that is serious about fine-tuning our communication and leadership abilities, our  meetings are never lacking fun!"