Sunday was a big day for country music fans as Randy Travis was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Three years after suffering a life-threatening stroke, he shocked the crowd, picked up the mic and this happened.

Garth Brooks took the stage, sang '3 Wooden Crosses' and then inducted Randy Travis into the Country Music Hall of Fame this past Sunday. Randy who still uses a wheelchair, was able to rise and climb the stairs with assistance to accept the honor. That alone was a beautiful thing to see, but then he decided to let all of his country music fans know just how far he's come so he took the microphone and proceeded to sing 'Amazing Grace'. His voice was a bit quiet, but it was still Randy and it was a joyful, amazing thing to hear. I love his music so much and I was so happy to see him doing well and making so much progress. Our continued prayers for Randy Travis in his recovery journey. Thank you for making me smile today with the sweet sound of your voice. So glad we get to hear it again! We love you.

Here's a great tribute to Randy Travis which he so deserves.

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