Randy Travis

Randy Travis Stuns Crowd
Sunday was a big day for country music fans as Randy Travis was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Three years after suffering a life-threatening stroke, he shocked the crowd, picked up the mic and this happened.
Randy Travis Released
After several medical scares that included hospitalization due to congestive heart failure and a stroke (which required emergency surgery and found him in critical condition), singer Randy Travis has been released from the hospital.
Randy Travis
Wanna send a get well greeting to Randy Travis? The Country Music Association has arranged a digital card you can add to best wishes to Randy. Fill it out here. They plan to give it to Randy on August 1.
As Randy Travis recovers from a barrage of health crises, his family now must deal with another unwelcome dilemma--this one preventable.
Randy Travis Health Update
Tonight we have an update on Randy Travis's condition and more details on how his heart issues evolved. And, he has a fiancee. I miss that somehow, did you, too?  Randy's publicist Kirt Webster provides this link to Baylor Hospital's video statement. 
In a nutshell, heart troubles began with a viral…
Earlier today, Dr. Michael Mack, the director of cardiovascular disease at the Baylor Health Care System in Dallas, reported that country music legend Randy Travis--hospitalized Sunday for viral cardiomyopathy then transferred to his current location after going into congestive heart failure--was st…
Randy travis Update [VIDEO]
The entire country music family has been very concerned with Randy Travis' health as news broke that he had been hospitalized in critical condition. A new update has just been released that Randy has been transported to a different hospital and a video from his physicians explains the latest.

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