The word came Friday that Malco Theatres would build a new theatre on 54 and close the current one on South Frederica.

Here are some reactions:

And now for some MIXED emotions:

Here are a few others Chad found and sent me:

Karla Ward-Just got the text from MI that Malco is opening a new 16 screen on 54 and closing Frederica location. I don't call that progress in improving economy in Owensboro. The city made Gateway Commons out to be this fabulous economic boost when in reality they are going after existing stores and leaving empty buildings behind in other parts of the city. So now we have Tuesday Morning, Five Guys and Malco going to 54. Wait and watch. They won't be the only ones. Empty buildings don't exactly scream business is good. #54isoverrated

Heather McGarvey-I understand what you are saying. However, the current theater building is horrific. It smells like a combination of farm animals, mold, and mildew in there every time I go. I can only believe that being in the flood plain has left its toll whether that building floods or not. A new theater will be awesome!

Brian Payne-Frederica will become the new old downtown.

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