Attention all aspiring actors and actresses, you're chance to get in front of the camera and on the big screen is coming soon and you won't have to move to Hollywood to make it happen.

Film crews from Bloomington, Indiana-based, Pigasus Pictures were in town Tuesday to film a few scenes on the LST 325 for a new movie they're working on calling Runner. The movie centers on a young girl named Haas who is raised by a single father who suddenly passes away leaving her responsible for burying him in his hometown as laid out in the terms of his will. During the journey, she meets Will who is also caring for an ill parent. A friendship forms between the two which helps them both navigate the difficult situations they're in. You can see the full synopsis on the film's website.

Of course, it takes people to bring those characters to life. While I don't know if the main roles have been cast (although I assume they have been considering some filming has already taken place), I do know, thanks to an interview crew members did with Eyewitness News on Tuesday, they are looking for people to serve as extras when they return to town sometime in May. This will likely mean you'll be in the background of a scene where a crowd would be needed. That could be a restaurant or bar, or something as simple as being part of a group walking down the street. You may only get a few seconds of screen time, but you'll be able to say you were in a movie.

If you're interested, send an e-mail to the movie's casting director, Kate Antognini at for more information (and don't forget us little people as you climb that ladder to stardom).

[Source: Eyewitness News / Runner]

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