It's hard to believe that its been 26 years ago today that a  terrible tragedy shook country music to its core. Reba McEntire took to social media this morning with a heartfelt tribute to honor her friends who were lost that day.

I remember the day so clearly when country music stopped and everything changed. It was 1991 and Reba was on tour. It was reported that a charter plane crashed in the yearly morning hours outside of San Diego, CA.  Aboard were eight members of her crew and band. Along with the pilots, they all perished. Her sixteenth album, For My Broken Heart, which was released that October, was dedicated to them.We all love Reba and it broke our hearts.

This morning Reba McEntire took to social media to share a heartfelt post about the band and crew she lost 26 years ago.

"26 years ago our friends went to sit on the right hand side of God. I love and miss them." Reba wrote on Facebook []. " I love and miss them."

Reba McEntire via Facebook
Reba McEntire via Facebook

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