Reba McEntire didn't write "Seven Minutes in Heaven," but as soon as she heard the song — which imagines what it would be like to make a quick trip to heaven and visit a loved one — she immediately knew she had to record it.

That's because its subject matter was personal for the country legend: The song reminded her of her mom, Jacqueline, who died in March 2020.

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So much so, in fact, that the country star incorporated her mother into the song's music video. In the clip, McEntire uses her one-time visit to Heaven to sit down once more with her mom, sharing a beer and a good conversation before she heads back down to earth.

When she put it out, the singer admitted that that video was an especially emotional one to shoot. During a recent interview on Today, McEntire reveals that for her siblings, it was tough to watch, too.

"The video just came out for 'Seven Minutes in Heaven,' and I sent it to Alice, Pake and Susie. Susie called me yesterday," McEntire recounts. The singer's sister was too choked up to talk when she answered the phone — and that made McEntire cry, too.

"When you find a song that really touches your heart and chokes you up — I gotta sing it. I gotta record it. That's what you're always looking for, is the song that touches your heart," she explains. "That way, when I sing it, it'll hopefully touch your heart, too."

McEntire's sister Susie has been by her side through every step of the grieving process after the siblings lost their mom. The country star has previously explained that she almost gave up music as she navigated through her grief — and that it was Susie's encouragement that stopped her from giving up on it altogether.

"We were cleaning out the house, and I was going through pictures. I said, 'I just don't think I wanna do this anymore.' She said, 'What?' I said, 'Sing.' She said, 'Why?' I said, ''Cause I always did it for Mama,'" the singer recounts.

"She said, 'Oh, you'll get it back.' I did."

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