THIS HAS TO STOP! NOW! What a horrible, horrible disgrace this situation has become regarding John Higgins, a referee in Kentucky's game against North Carolina on Sunday.

Bad calls and bad no-calls happen. Fans grouse about it for a while then, hopefully, get over it.

But none of that matters now that Higgins and his business have been targeted by certain UK fans who are so outraged by his officiating that they've gone so far as to threaten the man's livelihood AND his personal safety.

Look...all big-time sports programs have passionate fans, but come on!

There is, and NEVER WILL BE, any excuse for this.

The man's business--John Higgins Weatherguard Inc, also known as Rooferees--has been subjected to false reviews on Facebook. A lot of them.

One that I saw even suggested something so vile, I'm not repeating it. But Higgins could seriously sue the guy who posted it for libel; it's THAT incendiary.

ESPN reports that calls have repeatedly come into his home and business and his home number is UNLISTED!

And because there have now been death threats, the police are involved.

I'm sitting here not really sure I can even come up with the words for how outrageous this all is. "Outrageous" certainly doesn't seem like enough.

I believe the majority of UK fans are people who would NEVER do anything like this in a million years.

And it's those good fans--along with the school's administration, athletic department, and John Calipari, himself--who should make a strong statement about this kind of behavior.

It's what makes people think ALL Kentucky fans are like this.

And I know, for a fact, they're not.

But for some, perception is reality. And the reality of this situation is very ugly and needs to end.




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