The other day, we were discussing the stretch of Frederica between WBKR and the bypass and what used to be there.

I don't think another stretch of road ANYWHERE in Owensboro has changed, over the years, as much that one has.

And one business, in particular, came up. It was Jerry's Restaurant.

When I was a kid, that was the go-to spot for gatherings of friends after church on Sunday night--not to mention the place to go if you were craving spaghetti or the classic chains' signature hot fudge cake.

And do you know HOW long Jerry's has been gone? Well, this is what's there now:

Google Street View

And I can't honestly remember when Franey's WASN'T on that corner.

I also remembered where my dad and my grandfather used to take their dry-cleaning.

They were real clothes-horses and there were certain items they ONLY allowed to be dry-cleaned--and I'm talking the kinds of shirts I don't mind throwing in the washing machine.

Back in the day, it was Vogue Cleaners or bust.

But it's been gone a VERY long time. In fact, I can't remember when it disappeared. But I do know what's there now and has been for some time:

Dave Spencer

And, finally, I grew up on Sunrise Drive, not far at all from a Quality Inn that used to be on New Hartford Road--formerly New Hartford Road AND Highway 231.

In fact, my buddies and I used to sneak over there at night and swim in their swimming pool. Yes, I know we weren't supposed to, but we were kids. And kids do stuff like that.

Today, if we tried to jump into the Quality Inn pool, we'd injure ourselves severely, because THIS is what stands there now:

Google Street View

There you go. A little trip down memory lane. I wish I could find pictures of those old businesses, but that's proven to be very difficult. Do YOU remember when those businesses were there? Can you think of others?