If you are planning on going out to dinner on New Year's Eve this year, you should consider stepping outside of the better known options and trying out something new. There are usually shorter wait times. Check out these options! - Kathleen Albin

by Walmart off Frederica

I visited this for the first time with my kids this past week. It was just delicious and had a really cool atmosphere. We had a private booth, four sushi rolls and hibachi for less than $50. And, we had plenty to take home. A great value and a great vibe.

Downtown Owensboro

With authentic Greek and Mediterranean food and a family atmosphere, this is a favorite. Plus, they have a great New Year's Eve special.

Downtown Owensboro

Even though it's New Years and you are celebrating the future, it's fun to step back in time! With burgers, fries and retro colas, you'll love this fun and festive jive dive!
231 Williamsburg Sq
Just skip dinner and go for dessert. Nuff said.