Once a month, I travel down to Nashville, TN to broadcast live Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry!  It's an awesome gig, because I get to meet a lot of Opry stars, hang out with them in the green room, and have a "grand" ole time!  Well, yesterday, I got to meet, for the first time, bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent, who strolled into the green room and had me at "Hello!"

Okay, take a look at the photo above.  Yep!  That's how Rhonda rolls and strolls around town.  I was kidding around with her and asked, "Is that what you go to Wal-Mart in?"  She laughed and said, "Yes!"  Rhonda and I hit it off quickly!  When we hit the airwaves, she immediately launched into song and sang a jingle for the Opry!  I was in LOVE!!    This is my kinda gal!

If you caught my interview with Rhonda on the Afternoon Drive with Dave Spencer, you got to hear her talk about everything from duct tape (formerly known as "duck" tape) to the Nashville flood and how her prized mandolin was saved from the waters of the Cumberland.  She also chatted about her brand new CD project with Gene Watson.  That disc is called Your Money and My Good Looks and the official release party is June 9th at the Troubadour Theatre in Nashville!  Check out the website www.geneandrhonda.net for information about the big party and how you can get tickets!

And check out this picture of me and my new girlfriend . . .

Rhonda was hilarious!  In fact, when I took the solo shot of her, SHE suggested snapping it in the doorway of the Roy Acuff dressing room with the Grand Ole Opry monitor just behind her!  She wanted to make sure we got the Opry logo in the shot!  I told Rhonda that if she ever decides to move on from her bluegrass music career that she could get a job at the Sears Portrait Studio!

But Rhonda's bluegrass career isn't going anywhere!  After all, this is the gal that snagged Female Vocalist of the Year honors from the IBMA in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.  That's an amazing streak from an AMAZING talent!  And that AMAZING talent will soon be on display again as she croons with Gene Watson on Your Money and My Good Looks!  I smell more awards . . .

For more information about Rhonda Vincent, tour info, music releases and more, check out her website www.rhondavincent.com!  And, if you ever get the chance, check her out when she performs on the Opry stage, where she has performed over 120 times!  If you don't already, you're gonna love Rhonda Vincent!

P.S.  Did I mention that I love her?  Did I mention that she's my new girlfriend?  Did I mention that I got to hang out with her Backstage at the Opry yesterday?  Did I mention that I got my picture made with her?  Did I mention all that?