Mary Howell, of Richland, Indiana has restored my faith in Facebook.  While lots of folks these days use Facebook as a political battleground, Mary uses it to greet her friends each day and get them ready to tackle what lies ahead.

Here's Mary's post from this morning.

Good morning Facebook it is severely cold 19 degrees did I say I hate winter yes I believe I did! Who's with me let's go to Florida... Today is National French toast day does that not sound good add a few strawberries whipped cream and you got dessert for breakfast yummy! Today is hump day yes we made it middle of the road. Everybody be safe out there stay warm love you all and peace out.

Yesterday, she used Facebook to remind her friends about Giving Tuesday.

Good morning, Facebook!   It's 23 Cold Degrees!!!!!! I hate winter..... Today is national giving day so let's all try this give something to someone. It doesn't have to cost money give them Your time.... bundle up stay warm!!! Love you all and peace out.

Here's Mary's Cyber Monday post-->

Good morning, Facebook!  It is Monday and very cold 33 degrees and very windy!! Today of course is Cyber Monday so get your online shopping on... For those of you who are not going to do any online shopping today is also National Cake Day yummy. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and everyone made it home safe. Everybody be careful out there have a good day love you all and peace out.

I love how Mary points out really fun "national holidays."  For instance, here's one of Mary's posts from a Monday a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know about you, but any post that mentions pizza immediately gets my attention.

Good morning, Facebook. It's Monday and 37 degrees. Today is National Loaded Pizza Day. Sounds good to me. Who is your favorite pizza place?? Our little ole BJ's Pizza in Richland has the best stromboli pizza.  Be save out there love you all and Peace out..

Mary started her daily Facebook posts a couple of years ago.  Her daughter, Amanda, had been encouraging Mary to start blogging. Amanda told her mom, "You really need to get folks to interact."  That's all Mary needed to hear.  With a bunch of songs from 80's as her inspiration, she launched her daily Good Morning, Facebook posts!

And I have to say, as one of Mary's Facebook friends, it's one of the first things I see in my news feed everyday and one of the things I look most forward to each morning.  It's a daily dose of inspiration, information and motivation!

Love you all and peace out!



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