In Kentucky, the only "B" more important than bourbon or bluegrass is college basketball. As a kid, growing up watching the University of Kentucky play was SO much fun! To see players from our state dominating teams around the country was something to really be proud of.

When the Wildcats won the NCAA Championship in 1996, everyone lost their minds with excitement. It was an exciting time for basketball in general, and if you asked any boy in the state what they wanted to be when they grew up, they would have said a UK basketball player.

Apparently one of country music's biggest stars was also a huge Wildcat fan. Being from KY, I guess that's just a given, but he didn't necessarily have what it takes to become a baller. Once upon a time, Chris Stapleton attended a basketball camp in Lexington at the University of Kentucky.

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This past weekend, Coach Rick Pitino shared a throwback photo of Stapleton from that camp and it's hilarious. Those glasses! That funny face! The bowl cut! Such a typical teenage boy. Pitino shared that he did care for how Chris played defense and joked about telling him to stick to music! Do we have good ole Ricky P to thank for the rise of one of the best entertainers to come from the Bluegrass State?

I hope his little dreams weren't crushed, but at least he still ended up selling out arenas. He just had to trade playing ball for playing guitar.


You Might Be From Kentucky If...

I'm sure there can be 50 versions of this concept, but we'll let the other 49 states deal with their own. We're here for the Bluegrass State.

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