The mission of the Christian Resource Center is to coordinate and connect the community with programs and resources that lead to self-sufficiency.

Angel here and you all know I can sniff a bargain out from a county away like a hound dog.  Last year, I had to make a trip to Rockport to have my kitty looked at by our vet.  While I was over their I discovered a great thrift shop I hadn't heard of and wanted to share my find with y'all.

Rockport Christian Resource Center Thrift Shop

Wedding season is just around the corner and getting married is expensive.  They have wedding items for a fraction of the cost.

This place is like a one stop shop.  You can find really good deals and if you are struggling as the pandemic continues it is also a great resource for help.

The CRC offers a thrift store, food pantry, baby shop, smoking cessation classes, coat-a-kid, as well as assistance with monthly bills.

Anyone can shop in the CRC Thrift Store at 499 Jefferson Street in Rockport but anyone applying for resources must be a Spencer County resident.   For more information about the resources, you can call 1-812-649-4946 or email

Go like the CRC Facebook Page.

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