An exciting development in a story we shared yesterday here at and WBKR.  Roger, Owensboro's stray rooster, who's been house-hopping on the west side of town, has a brand new home!  

Susan Jewell
Susan Jewell

This photo was sent to us here at WBKR from Susan Jewell, who first shared Roger's story with us.  Seems he adopted her Westview Drive home.  As a matter of fact, Roger appeared at Susan's over the weekend and started hanging out and eating her cat food!  LOL!

But, yesterday afternoon, Roger received news he would be officially flying the proverbial coop for good.  According to Susan . . .

Chad, I must share with you that Roger the rooster has found a home!!! The story keeps getting better.   I got a call at work from a friend, Frank.  His wife, Theresa sent him the picture of Roger from WBKR facebook page.   He/they have chickens.  He is in the lawn care business.  During our phone conversation, he tells me that in the past,  he has gone to get something out of the back of his truck, there would be a couple of chickens in the bed of the truck.  The chickens would hang out until he got finished working and they would go home.  He told me that he was in my area on Thursday and thinks maybe Roger could be his or if not would it be ok if he caught him and took him home to be with his other chickens.  I said yes please!!!  

What is even more bizarre with this story,  Frank’s wife Theresa once worked with me at E M Ford.  When Frank started his lawn care business, I hired him to mow my yard.  Now how strange is that??

Strange indeed!!  An amazing coincidence that ends happily ever after for Roger the Rooster!


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