No question was off limits when Sara Evans signed on to do a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where she answered unfiltered questions from fans and users. The singer -- who just released her new single 'Slow Me Down' to iTunes Tuesday (Sept. 3) -- was upfront about her new album, touring plans, morning routine and much more.

More than one person wanted to know what her favorite album is (Patsy Cline's 'Sweet Dreams' is one) and who she likes outside of country music (John Mayer and Bruno Mars). Evans admitted that she'd love to duet with Dwight Yoakam, and that the video for 'Slow Me Down' was just filmed and will be out soon.

There's no firm date for her new album's release, but she does have touring plans for 2014, which will include a return to CMA Fest in Nashville in June. Evans been reading scripts for an acting role, but the acting she does in her upcoming music video is all she has planned for now.

As for her morning routine, it looks like this: "I get up at 6:30, wake the kids, make breakfast, send them off to school, go play tennis or walk, come home, sometimes I meet Jay (husband Jay Barker) for lunch, run errands and sometimes write with songwriters from Nashville."

Sounds exhausting -- especially since the singer has more kids to look after than fingers on one hand (seven including Barker's kids).

Evans politely dodged a few questions, including one person's query about if she'd consider Playboy, another about the most embarrassing album she owns, and how she feels about "pop country." She did field a marriage proposal, saying her husband may take issue with her getting hitched again.

Finally, if you're wondering if the super fit Evans indulges during football season, she totally does. The diehard University of Alabama fan is also a pretty good cook, and she has a can't-miss game day recipe: "I make a homemade cheese dip and it is divine!"

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