Sara Evans is coming to Owensboro to help open our new Convention Center! Her appearance was announced at a  press conference held downtown yesterday. She will be the headliner of a big dinner January 31. Wow, the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra Second Street band, painter Aaron Kizer and the Jimmy Church Band will also perform. The 169,000 square foot center will be open to the public for free tours on Saturday, Feb. 1. The Willis clan will perform a free show, too. Giant TV screens will show the UK game Saturday and then Sunday night some big game will be played and shown on the screens as well. 2,000 tickets for Sara's show and dinner will be $100!  Various non-profits around town will sell them. Details to come. Now more about Sara ... She has a new album, 'Slow Me Down' that comes out March 4, 2014

She has two collaborations, one with Gavin DeGraw and the other wirth Isaac Slade of the Fray. Sara told Taste of Country, "So this album has turned out to be really, really sexy and confident," Evans adds. "And the confidence part is a real picture of where I am right now in my life, and how I feel about things. So I guess it's two words: sexy and confident." That accounts for the fact she wrote three other songs on the CD.

"This whole process has been 100 percent joy," she says.


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