After seeing the hilarious behind-the-scenes footage for Sara Evans' 'Slow Me Down' video, the full music video has been release. And in a complete turnaround, viewers won't be laughing; the video is serious and emotional, showing the angst that happens during a breakup.

It begins with Evans standing in a billowing white wedding dress and veil, with feathers floating in the air, and then quickly cuts to her and her co-star, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, arguing in their high-rise apartment.

When the couple goes out to dinner, viewers soon realize they're arguing the most about his constant use of his cell phone. Whether they're at dinner or in their apartment, it's obvious that Evans' lover is having an affair ... with his job. As a bride-to-be, Evans soon realizes that as often as she throws her fiance's cell phone, pitches a fit, or shows her desperation to be noticed by him, it's not going to work.

The emotion and passion she portrays will leave viewers feeling as heartbroken (and angry) as she does -- and that was her intent.

"When we started talking about the music video I wanted to make sure we captured the drama and intense emotion that the song evokes -- as always, Peter Zavadil did a great job capturing that and so much more," says the singer, who has worked with the director on almost all of her music videos.

Although Edwards is most comfortable behind the wheel, he seems right at home onscreen. "Carl blew us all away both on and off camera," Evans shares. "He nailed the acting parts and was so fun to have around on set especially during the fighting scenes in the apartment."

She adds, "We're both from Missouri and share the same sense of humor, so it was easy to joke back and forth, we had the entire crew cracking up, but on camera it looks like we literally hate each other."

As the 'Slow Me Down' video winds down, Evans appears to make her up mind, knocking over a glass of red wine and running out of the restaurant. It ends sadly, with her tossing the beautiful wedding bouquet off to its demise as the feathers float dramatically around her frustrated, heartbroken face.

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