Going on road trips is part of my DNA. My dad spent most of his adult life in a career that required a lot of driving, and he loved it. That love translated into any number of excursions my family would enjoy on a given weekend.

Some of the following scenic drives were part of his "rotation," so to speak. Since summer is here, let's take a look at the possibilities.

Mammoth Cave Parkway

The reason this makes this list is, well, a no-brainer. ⬇

Duncan Hines Scenic Byway

U.S. 150

This 121-mile stretch of U.S. highway will take you from the Ohio River in Louisville southeast to Mount Vernon. Bardstown, Danville, and Stanford are among the cities and towns you'll pass through along the way. Here's a sneak peek:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Sky Bridge Road

If you already have an inkling about what you'll encounter on something called Sky Bridge Road, THIS will settle any arguments:

KY Highway 536

It's a short 29-mile stretch of state highway in the northern part of the Commonwealth, and its terminus is none other than Rabbit Hash KY and its legendary general store. And don't forget to take some kibble for the mayor.

KY Highway 77

It's only 14 miles long and runs through Powell and Menifee Counties. But along the way, you'll drive through creepy and claustrophobic Nada Tunnel.

Old Frankfort Pike

Traveling from Frankfort to Lexington? Forget about I-64. Use Old Frankfort Pike. Maybe you'll create a video love letter like Nicolo Trunfio did.

Pine Mountain Road

If you're looking for a scenic drive through the Kentucky Appalachians, you've just found it.

U.S. 23 -- Country Music Highway

I last traveled winding, mountainous U.S. 23 in eastern Kentucky in 1989. In the subsequent 35 years, it has become a country-music-loving tourist's dream come true. The museum in Staffordsville tells the story.

U.S. 68

I couldn't leave off one of the longest roads in Kentucky. From near Maysville in northeastern Kentucky down to Paducah, U.S. 68 will take you through Lexington, historic Harrodsburg, Bowling Green, and Russellville. And there are all kinds of worthwhile stops along the way. But perhaps THIS is the enormous annual event that keeps 68 the busiest.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's summertime, gang. Explore and have fun. And if you see a road you've never traveled and you wonder what you'll find, hit the turn signal and stop wondering.

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