Stalkers have different approaches when seeking the object of their affection. I'd say in this case, this guy may have been too late to the party. Miley Cyrus recently underwent another supposedly shocking makeover. She buzz-cut her hair and she dyed it platinum blonde, which I don't think is a big deal, but it has left critics befuddled.

Early Saturday morning, a man claiming to be a friend of the 19-year-old star, attempted to approach the house, when prompted Cyrus' house staff to alert the police. Cyrus was not home. Um, excuse, she's not home at 4 A.M.?!? She's 19! Anyway, police apprehended the man and they discovered he was carrying a pair of scissors. Get it? Scissors? Haircut? I can only guess that's what this mystery man intended to do, or God forbid, he intended to harm someone.

I just find the whole situation ironic. And I can't believe Miley is only 19!


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