A full moon is always a cool sight, but a full moon with a moonbow is even cooler!

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Strawberry Supermoon

On June 14th we experienced not only the Strawberry moon but the strawberry super moon!  A super moon is where the moon is closer to earth than normal, so the full moon appears even bigger than usual.  While the moon wasn't pink (even though you'd think so since it was called the "strawberry moon"  more on why it's named that, here) it was still a gorgeous evening in Kentucky to see the full moon.

Full moon and lonely tree
Balazs Kovacs

Kentucky Moonbows

I had no idea until Kat wrote an article about it, that Kentucky was one of only two places on earth to catch a moonbow. So what is a moonbow?  Well, it's like a rainbow, but instead of water droplets being illuminated by the sun, they're illuminated by the moon.  Kat dives into the science behind it, here.

Jason Miller was taking photos around Cumberland Falls in Kentucky when he caught a moonbow and the photo of it is STUNNING.

Photo by Jason Miller/Rogue Shadow Photo
Photo by Jason Miller/Rogue Shadow Photo

Here's what Jason had to say about capturing the moonbow in the Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches, and Landscapes group on Facebook:

I figured since last night was a super full moon I thought I would venture down to Cumberland Falls and photograph the Moonbow. I actually got a little bit of a double-moonbow.

Full Disclosure: The Moonbow when viewed by the naked eye is a faint white. There are so many water droplets churning in the mist that it scrambles all the colors together making the Moonbow appear a faint white. The colors only appear in the camera. Lots of people where getting it to show up on their smartphones, it's just a matter of holding the phone steady long enough.

As you can see from the photo above, Jason has a serious knack for capturing beautiful images.  You can follow Jason on Instagram @RogueShadowPhoto and see more of his beautiful photography where he captures some seriously stunning images.  Thank you Jason for allowing me to share your work!

White Water Rafting at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky

This summer, we decided to go on our first real family adventure - white water rafting. There is a white water rafting tour about four hours from the tri-state at Cumberland Falls. Run by Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort, the tour lasts about six hours. It includes an up-close meet and greet with the falls, plenty of swimming, rock jumping, a riverboat ride, and lunch! Check out photos from our adventure.

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