I'll have to admit that I came late to the party with regards to A Christmas Story, the now-iconic movie that tops just about everyone's holiday must-watch list.

In fact, it's usually run on a continuous loop on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And, guess what...I didn't even see it for the first time, all the way through, until about five years ago. Guess what else...it did not immediately grab me.

But repeated viewings did the trick. So did the authentic location shooting and just the film's general Christmas atmosphere. Hey, I love authenticity on the big screen and I also love touring movie filming locations.

While in Cleveland, that's exactly what we did. We took a tour of the filming location and the house used in A Christmas Story. And, yes, I took tons of pictures.

Take a look:

SEE INSIDE: The House and Filming Location from 'A Christmas Story'

The classic Christmas film is set in fictional Hohman, Indiana (which doubled for Hammond) but was filmed in Cleveland. The tour was a blast. Hey, I love visiting movie sets.

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