Not too long ago, from out of nowhere, I got a Facebook message from a friend from whom I never get private messages.

He had seen something on the 9 o'clock news about a multi-million dollar class action suit and that Bill Gates was going to start sharing his wealth.

I was supposed to forward the message to everyone on my friend list and I would receive $245 from Microsoft for every person to whom I forwarded it. And then I would get $243 for every person to whom THEY forwarded it.

And the dollar amounts keep going, minus two dollars each time.

Yes, it would add up to a lot of money.

The message also said, "Yes, I thought it was a scam, too, but..."

We don't really need to go any further, do we?

I sent him a message telling him about it and, no, he never sent it. He'd been hacked.

I got another one about a church in Kansas and a specific prayer that must be forwarded to everyone on my friend list.

They seem pretty obvious from the get-go, so, please, be very judicious about messages like this.

Or the next thing you know, you'll get 12 friend requests from a friend who's already ON your friend list.

Again, technology has made all of our lives so much easier. But it's also made us so much more vulnerable, too.