There's a new museum coming to Owensboro, Kentucky and it's not the normal type of museum, it's a selfie museum. So what exactly is a selfie museum? Here's what Wikipedia says about this new-age museum:

A "selfie museum" or "Instagram museum" is a type of art gallery or installation designed to provide a setting for visitors to pose in photographs to be posted on social media sites such as Instagram. Typical features of exhibits in a selfie museum include colorful backdrops, oversize props, and optical illusions such as anamorphosis.

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Pose Selfie Museum took to Facebook to share some exciting news, they'll soon be opening this unique museum in Owensboro,  Here's what they said on Facebook about the museum opening:

Excited to announce we will soon be opening a selfie museum here in Owensboro! We are thrilled to be able to provide a fun interactive two story space that will be dedicated to taking your selfie to the next level. Our facility will be equipped with a number of back grounds, art installations, and interactive art. Stay tuned for our opening date and details. Thank you from the Pose Team and we can’t wait to see you.

While I've never been to a museum like this, I've seen friend's photos from trips where they've visited this type of museum.  These types of museums look like a lot of fun, plus it's a cool way to upgrade your Insta game. When I looked up selfie museums it seems like they're pretty popular in big cities, and the closest one I could find to the Tri-State is WNDR Museum in Chicago.  Check out a video below highlighting the WNDR museum to get a taste of what to expect from a selfie museum.

Be sure to follow Pose Selfie Museum on Facebook to stay up to date on when they open.

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