After an astounding 1,663,520 votes, Nathan West landed in 5th place in our She Thinks Her Farmer's Sexy Too photo contest. After going head to head with Saulyer Logsdon and Coby Simpson-Smith, Nathan rolled ahead with 71,952 total votes.

Emily Murphy

You submitted photos of your sexy farmer for the She Thinks Her Farmer's Sexy Too photo contest, sponsored by Madisonville Garage Doors of Owensboro, and now it's time to reveal your 5th place winner.

Emily Murphy

Meet farmer, Nathan West. Nathan loves his family and isn't afraid of hard work. His family added, "Nathan works on his family farm (West Brothers Farm) and he is the hardest working man I know. He is a big family man who would do anything for absolutely anyone. He has such a big heart and has a great sense of humor."

Emily Murphy

His hard work has paid off and he's headed to Papa Grande for dinner!

Tune in tomorrow at noon as we reveal your 4th Place Farmer. We will also continue to share all of the hardworking farmers that were nominated throughout the week!

Here's a Look at Some of the Nominees:

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