After K-mart vacated its Wesleyan Park Plaza premises, I expressed concern about the big, empty, VIABLE location and where it was going from there.

I'm happy to report some very awesome progress.

And talk about a win-win for all involved.

Shoe Stop of Owensboro, currently in Towne Square North, will move to Wesleyan Park Plaza and occupy 24,000 square feet of the old K-mart location on the far north end.

I spoke with Shoe Stop owner Mark Shively who told me that there is still a lot of construction work that needs to be accomplished before the move, but he does have a target date.

Shively said that he is looking at July or August of this year. He calls it a "realistic time frame."

He says that there will be a soft opening at the new location before a grand opening that will happen after a huge clearance sale at the current location.

The new space will be 50% bigger than the current store, with 18,000 of the 24,000 square feet dedicated to merchandise.

Mark also told me the store will be brighter and easier to shop. He also plans to offer more small vendor, brand-based shops within the larger store.

I'm excited to see that end of Wesleyan Park Plaza start to come back to life.

I always knew it was prime real estate. And now it looks like there are merchants who also felt the same way all along.


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