The short answer is "Yes!" However, if you're like me, you cannot imagine EVER sleeping with your socks on. As it turns out, I am not alone. Lots of folks can't fathom crawling into bed with a pair of socks on their feet.

On my radio show this week, my cohost Mary-Katherine and I posed this question.


As you can tell, she and I are a united front in that sleeping with socks is a completely abnormal practice. Many of our listeners and friends on social media agreed.

Pennie Marie Boone chimed in an said, "Heck no!  I hate socks!!!"

Tracy Easler echoed that sentiment. She said, "No. Feet need to breathe like we do."

However, there were a few people that insist on wearing socks in the bed.

Steph Creager shared this, "YES! I gave birth to all three of my sons with socks on. They better bury me with my socks on or I'll haunt them."

Amy Daugherty didn't use to sleep with socks on until something really 'horrible' and gross happened to her.


"We live surrounded by woods. I got up to go to the bathroom and didn't have my glasses on. All I hear is a POP and feel nastiness on my foot. A huge slug had come under the door. I heaved for 30 minutes! I'm terrified of slugs, cave crickets, and praying mantis, which isn't good living near woods. I now sleep in socks and put my glasses on if I get up during the night."

Janie Rhoades is always 'socked' up too. "It makes me feel safe and cozy. I read an article about it years ago and have been sleeping in them ever since."

As it turns out, there are many articles online about the benefits of sleeping in socks. One comes from Cleveland Clinic. It's called "Can Wearing Socks to Bed Help You Sleep Better?" There's a pretty lengthy scientific and medical explanation for why their experts believe sleeping in socks is beneficial. It has to with your internal body temperature.  According to sleep expert Dr. Michelle Drerup, “By making your feet warmer, you’re opening up blood vessels to help cool down the rest of the body.”

Another expert- Dr. Mandell (known online as Motivational Doc)- agrees with that assessment and shared this video explanation on YouTube.

So, does knowing that socks are likely beneficial to a healthy night's sleep make you want to put a pair on the next time you go to better?

Wayne Carter emphatically shared his answer to that prospect of wearing socks to bed."OMG! No."


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