Devoted Trisha Yearwood fans will remember this song.  In 2002, Trisha featured "I Don't Paint Myself into Corners" on her CD Inside Out.  She even released it, but it failed make much of an impact.  Her version stalled out at #47 on the Billboard Country Music Charts.  While that may not seem impressive at all, it actually fared better than the original version written and recorded by Rebecca Lynn Howard.  It was the 3rd release off Rebecca's debut CD and served as a showcase for Rebecca's vocal acrobatics.  This gal could write and she most definitely could sing.  But none of the singles on her debut CD took and this one was most disappointing.  "I Don't Paint Myself into Corners" stalled at #71 on the charts.  Take a listen and you'll agree . . . it SHOULDA been a hit!

Despite the chart failures of her debut release, Rebecca Lynn Howard was given the greenlight for a second CD and Forgive spawned the single of the same name.  While "Forgive" didn't reach the Top 10 (#12 actually), it's impact was felt in country music.  Rebecca Lynn Howard landed the song on the soundtrack for the NBC show Providence and it became one of the female go-to karaoke tracks of the decade. "Forgive," like its predecessor, is a GREAT song.

If only "I Don't Paint Myself into Corners" could have generated the same kind of support.  But Dave Spencer loves this song.  I love this song.  And we hope after today, you love it too!

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