I love finding Good News stories that can inspire us to be better humans. Two sisters in Kentucky are leading by example, and inspiring their entire community.

I used to live in Louisville, and La Grange is just about 20 miles from the big city. It's a neat little town to visit if you love trains. There is a railroad track that goes smack dab in the middle of their main street. Imagine a train going down Franklin Street. That's how close the trains are to the local shops! And there's about a 100% chance you'll see one roll through, because up to 30 trains pass through everyday. Now, thanks to Raegan and Rylyn Richins, La Grange something else to be known for.

The girls started their 'Be Kind' campaign after they saw some signs in a nearby county that said 'Just be Kind'. They felt like their community could top that by not just being kind, but also being courageous, and setting a good example for everyone. So the signs they make say ‘Be Kind,’ instead of ‘just be kind.’ Did I mention that they are only 11 and 8 years old?

Their sign project has taken off in just a short year, and now you'll see their signs all over Oldham County. Each handmade sign is $10 and they donate the money to various local charities. They are expanding their fundraising efforts with t-shirts and cards.

Last November, La Grange Mayor John Black signed the official proclamation that La Grange is the Kindness Capital of Kentucky.


Their kindness campaign inspired City Council member, Andrea Mancini Essenpreis, to rally the city of La Grange to be named the Kindness Capital of Kentucky. This beautiful sign was unveiled in September. You can see it as you head into the city from I-71.

BE KIND Andrea Mancini

The kindness of Raegan and Rylyn is getting national attention!

Be Kind Pledge
I pledge to BE KIND to everyone I meet, to share a smile, to encourage others, and to lend a helping hand should someone need it.

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