Have you ever heard of a rage room?  Well, there's now one in Louisville!  In case you're headed that way for a road trip or weekend, you may want to check it out.  Smash Time allows customers to come in and have a "smashing" good time releasing their inner rage.

Smash Time is now open at 6470 North Preston Hwy in Louisville.  Various packages are available:  from the BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) Package to the Extreme Rage Package.  The BYOB Package, for instance, is just $20 per person for 15 minutes and you bring your own breakables.  The Extreme Rage Package is $75 for 30 minutes and you get to smash 15 provided items . . . including 1 large item (TV, table, chair, large plastic toy).

Smash Time also offers the hilarious Break Up/Divorce Package, which allows you to bring photos of you and your ex.  The staff will put them in frames and let you break the crap out of them.

Here's an example of how a rage room works from a similar room in Maryland . . .

For more information about Smash Time, Louisville's Only Rage Room, or to reserve your "rage" experience, CLICK HERE!

Plus, there is a rage room here in Owensboro too at Escape Today.  If you want to have this experience locally, check out Escape Today's official website.


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