Praise be, and I'm not just writing that because The Handmaid's Tale won eight Emmy Awards the other night. It's a great day in Kentucky, well in America, because McDonalds© has brought back my favorite menu item of the past ten years, the Snack Wrap.


How did this happen? I can't speak from a corporate or regional perspective but I heard over the weekend the Beaver Dam restaurant was serving them again. I think my Mom investigated first and she confirmed the rumor, they were back! She said she would go get some for supper. I was NOT in Beaver Dam at the time of confirmation, so I decided to do some investigating on my own.

I'v always loved the golden arches; we go way back. Their sweet tea is staple in my weekly diet. The Snack Wrap used to be my go-to, then they were gone. My research indicated the process to make one took too long in terms of the crew's productivity, which is understandable. However, outside of salad, it was another healthy option on the menu. I liked that.

Thus when I pulled up to the drive-thru, I was nervous. I instantly thought I would be privately ridiculed with one question. I asked if the snack wraps were back and I got a resounding "yes". My day and perhaps my year was made. I should note the drive-thru menu at the time of this writing did not list the snack wrap, but if you politely ask, you can order one or two in my case.


Thank you Ronald McDonald, I owe you one.