Surely you all know by now what an excellent dancer my wonderful friend and co-host Chad Benefield is. In fact, everyone's favorite emcee, radio personality, and all-around amazing human has been a choreographer even longer than he has graced the airwaves. Little Chad started making up dances to his favorite jams as soon as he was old enough to count to 8.

It's actually the first thing I ever knew about him decades ago (ouch, hate to admit that) before we met. All of the best local theatre musical reviews and high school shows had Chad's name in their programs as responsible for the creative and precise movement on stage.

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About two weeks ago, one of our mutual friends, Joy Gray posted a video of an absolutely adorable little fella with a collared shirt, shorts, and striped knee socks...hmm where have I seen this outfit before...



dancing in the front row of a group of other kids. He stole the show with his moves and energy. Everyone else might as well have just gone home. Joy tagged Chad and said "I found this video from your elementary spring production! Enjoy LOL" I scared my dog I was laughing so hard! This boy was SELLING it 110% and I know I have seen those hip wiggles somewhere before...hmm... EPIC!


He even takes a moment to jump and clap and hype the crowd up who is just having a ball. He has them in the palm of his hands. Hmm, I wonder...who do we know with an electric personality like this?

Come to find out, this tiny clone of Owensboro's, Chad Benefield, lives all the way in South Africa!  According to BRIC's Global Television Network, "The boy has been affectionately dubbed ‘Klein Kwagga’ which is a traditional Afrikaans term of endearment." A family member shared the video of the 7-year-old shaking his groove thing at his sister's dance recital because she knew it would spread joy. The comments on TikTok have been hilarious.

One person said "All the other kids wondering whether they missed a rehearsal..."

Everyone loves his little outfit which is a popular style in South Africa. "Jumped straight out of his Toyota land cruiser and owned the show."

"He was clearly the choreographer"

"This kid needs to host master classes on how to get thru life with this amount of confidence."

And may he never lose that confidence, fearless nature, impeccable rhythm, and sweet knee socks. May he always spread joy everywhere he goes. Just like our very own superstar, Chadwick Jerame Benefield.

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