Do you want to know why it's pointless for me to go to an expensive Italian restaurant, or even Olive Garden, for that matter?

It's because my taste for Italian cuisine is very simple. I like spaghetti. It's my favorite Italian dish. I will always prefer marinara to a cream sauce, which I find far too rich and overwhelming. And since many Italian bistros hang their hats on pasta smothered in some sort of Alfredo sauce, I'm kind of a boring patron. Hey, I loved the spaghetti at Jerry's. I am not picky. (And I didn't mean that as a slam against Jerry's.)

Spaghetti Ice Cream...No, It's Not What You Think

So, with the knowledge of my love for, arguably, the most historically popular Italian dish of all time, it should come as no surprise that my ears perked up when I heard about spaghetti ice cream. What could it be? How could they use pasta in ice cream? Yes, I had questions. And then I had answers:

First of all, we're all relieved that there IS no spaghetti in spaghetti ice cream. Second, it makes PERFECT sense that "spaghetti ice cream" was invented in Germany, right? The world is upside down. And third...FIFTY-FOUR YEARS? This has been a thing my whole life, and I never heard about it?

Northern Kentucky's Eishaus Offers Spaghetti-Style Ice Cream

Well, you can't count me as a fan, and I've never even had any. But I could correct that with a quick trip--well, sort of quick--to northern Kentucky where a Covington ice cream shop called Eishaus (presumably pronounced "ICE HOUSE") is serving up spaghetti ice cream, or Spaghettieis.

Of course, you don't have to order your spaghetti-style ice cream in the traditional way at Eishaus. You can have it "Buddy-style" in Buddy from the movie Elf.

There's More to the Eishaus Menu Than Its Signature Dish

And yes, Eishaus offers more than just its signature dish. In fact, it offers more than just ICE CREAM. The Eishaus menu features burritos and a selection of loaded tots...and yes, they are ACTUAL tots. Although, by now, I wouldn't put it past them to one day create an ice cream dish that looks just like loaded tater tots. Then again, that might take away from the dish that made them famous.

Spaghetti and ice cream. Two classic comfort foods that have come together in a very unique way.

[SOURCE: WLWT-Cincinnati]

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Twin Lakes Ice Creamery & Inn

Twin Lakes Ice Creamery and Inn is literally the stuff dreams are made of. It's located right outside the center of Leitchfield on Main Street. 
They make all their ice creams homemade right in the shop. They have around 19 different flavors including the classic (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) and then the outside-of-the-box specialty flavors like (red velvet, cookie monster, fairy dust, and banana pudding). Their claim to fame...they don't fluff their ice cream to get more out of the batch. It is packed full of goodness.

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