Those traveling on Highway 60 West in Owensboro Tuesday afternoon may have noticed a cadre of police officers near the Industrial Drive area.

I called the OPD's public information officer, Andrew Boggess, who told me at the time that officers were dealing with a subject who had barricaded himself.

A press release from the Owensboro Police Department bore that out.

At approximately 12:52PM, Owensboro police were called upon to assist the United States Marshals service in their attempt to serve a federal indictment warrant in the 3900 block of Evergreen Drive.

While police officers were trying to make contact with the subject of the warrant, 35-year-old Michael Fairrow of Owensboro, he climbed through the attic into an occupied adjacent apartment.

Fortunately, the residents of that apartment were able to escape, while Fairrow remained inside and refused to exit the premises.

Members of the subject's family indicated that Fairrow, who was likely armed, probably would not surrender to the authorities.

Ultimately, the Owensboro Police Department's Emergency Response Team, along with the Hazardous Device Unit, responded and took Mr. Fairrow into custody without incident after several hours, ending the showdown.

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