Stress-eat: Eat or overeat as a means of relieving stress or anxiety, rather than from hunger.  Oxford Dictionaries

Have you ever just had an exceptionally long day at work (#8HourConferenceCall) and you get home and you realize you didn't get a chance to eat breakfast and you wolfed down your lunch and you're exhausted and hungry and you really want a nap, but it sounds more fun to just shovel some food into your face to decompress.  Yep!  That was me.  Tuesday afternoon.  And you know what I did?

I ate an ENTIRE BAG of Dark Chocolate Chex Mix.  Now, keep in mind that the bag was an impulse buy that I made when I stopped by the Price Less Foods on the way home from my exceptionally long day at work.  I went to the store to buy some hamburger buns and French fries.  I had burgers from Hillview Farms Meats thawing in the fridge and I needed some fixins to go with them.  On my way to the cash register, I noticed they had these bags for just $1.67 a piece.  There were four bags left, so, trying not to seem too greedy, I bought three of them.

When I got home, I honestly just wanted a bite or two.  But, before I knew it, one bite turned into the live action version of the game Hungry Hungry Hippo and I quickly tore through the entire bag like a school of piranha ripping through a swimmer who jumped in the water unaware he had an open wound.

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I shared my Chex Mix selfie (and I'll admit it looks like a profile pic on some creepy food fetish site) on my Facebook page and asked, "Is it bad to stress-eat an entire bag of Dark Chocolate Chex Mix?  Asking for a friend who looks remarkably like me."

My friends were awesome, by the way.  There was no judgment at all.  LOL!  In fact, I could've sworn I smelled some envy, but I can't be sure because I had a chocolate pretzel shoved in my nostrils.

Here are some of my favorite, affirming comments:

Lorena Watson- Chocolate is good for the heart- dark chocolate!

Shane Devon- Life life, sir! Live life.So

Amy Hoenicke- It does say "indulgent" on the bag.

Sonja Simpson Davis- I did the same thing with a bag of Chips Ahoy recently.

Shelley Hawkins- I stress ate choc covered pretzels the other night at midnight.  I mean, a friend did.

Ashley Sollars- I totally understand. Hugs!

See, I am not alone!  I know that you, like Ashley, understand. #Hugs

So, hit me.  If you were going to stress-eat an entire bag of something, what would it be?


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