You know him as Moon Mullins--mild-mannered morning show co-host and Scotch afficianado. But when trouble arises and citizens are threatened, he dons the red cape, the blue tights, and the big blue "M" on his chest and becomes...Super Moon! 

Faster than a speeding '49 DeSoto...if he's in his Toyota! Able to leap tall foot stools in a single bound! (Well...not a SINGLE bound.) He's Super Moon--defender of truth, justice, and the American way...and the way to the liquor store! Super Moon!

Uh, no, just kidding...well, all except the part about the Scotch.

Yes, a super moon will be appearing this weekend, just not THAT one. What is the super moon? Well, judging by the way 24-hour news channel talking heads were going on about it yesterday, it should look like it's as big as Lucas Oil Stadium from three feet away.

Will it?

Probably not, but the level of hyperbole in their vocal tones would indicate as much.You see, we are due for a full moon tomorrow night, Saturday, May 5th. I learned this from my handy-dandy Google Sky Map app on my phone.

What I learned later was that this moon will be the largest full moon of the year.  It will be the biggest moon of the year because it will be as close to Earth as it's going to get all year. Will this phenomenon have any noticeable effect on our planet? Well, scientists say we should be able to notice it in the tides and, perhaps, volcanic activity.

But nothing serious is expected as a result of the moon's proximity. I just hope the weather behaves and we can get a good look at the super moon tomorrow night. If it's as big as they say it's going to be, that shouldn't matter.