A little over a week ago, the WBKR family lost one of our own. Former Program Director, Moon Mullins, passed away after complications from a recent ssrgery Chad and Erin shared their memories of Moon with you all last week, I fully intended to as well, but frankly, I couldn't find the words. I didn't work with Moon long, but the two years working for him were very special.

I had been working in radio for about 7 years before coming to be WBKR, had it not been for Moon, I might not have had the chance for the radio dream to continue. Before coming to The Country Station, I worked for another group of stations in the area that had fired their entire air staff as a result of some restructuring.  I looked everywhere for a new gig, but at the time, jobs in radio, and for that matter anywhere else, were very hard to find. Finally, I took one last shot and contacted Moon. He interviewed me once to take over the morning show on WOMI after Joe Lowe had passed away. I didn't know that was Moon's plan, and didn't even have a aircheck to send, thanks to a technological sanfu. I made a practice air check off my computer, which was just god awful. Needless to say, the interview wasn't my best, and both Moon and I knew, it wasn't the right time. I was pretty down, but I remember Moon saying, "I'll see ya soon, you're one of us." I didn't end up getting the job with WOMI, but Moon called a few months later and said, "Hey buddy, want to come to work?" I jumped at the chance and ended up getting behind the mic and pushing buttons at WBKR for going on four years now.

Moon not only gave me a second chance to live my dream, but also helped me add several people to my family. I work with a wonderful group of people, and I blame Emmitt, "Moon " Mullins for it all. Thank you  my friend!


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