Chemo Buddies and Sonic have teamed up to give you a delicious way to help support cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

The "Hope Warrior Slush" is now available for you to enjoy at all Sonic locations in the Tri-State. The frozen lemonade is mixed with grape flavoring, and I can tell you from experience (see photo above), it is delicious!

Why grape-lemonade? Outside of being a tangy, and again, delicious, combination, there is a really good reason behind the mix as I learned when Executive Director, Andre’a Grace Phillips (pictured above) stopped by the studio on Thursday. According to Andre'a, chemo patients develop a condition called "metal mouth" while going through treatment. Essentially that start to taste the medication running through their body that's trying to destroy the cancer cells. One thing that cuts through the unpleasant taste is lemon, hence the pronounced presence of lemonade in the Hope Warrior Slush. The grape is thrown in because purple and yellow are the signature colors of Chemo Buddies (and because it's the best flavor in my opinion).

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the drinks will go directly to Chemo Buddies, so stop by a Sonic next time you see one and get some for the whole family! If your diet or overall health prevents you from enjoy the sugary treat, you can still support Chemo Buddies by texting HopeWarrior to 64600 any time to make a $5.00 donation (message and data rates may apply, as they say).

To learn more about the mission of Chemo Buddies, check out their website and Facebook page.

[Source: Chemo Buddies Press Release]

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