Angel here and I am fairly new to the world of Netflix but goodness doesn't it just suck you in.  I started watching Sweet Magnolia's and binge-watched the whole first season only to crash into the wall when it was over.

If you watched it you know Season One came to a jaw-dropping end (which I won't giveaway) out of respect for those who haven't or are in the middle of watching.  It literally left me hanging on the edge of my seat wanting more.

Now if you haven't gotten around to watching the show here's a preview;

The show is staged in the small town of Serenity.  It's a romantic drama starring Joanna Garcia Swisher, who you might remember more as Cheyenne from Reba (another one of my favorite shows) and Chris Klein most notably known from all of the American Pie movies.

It is about three women who have been the very best of friends since they were little girls growing up together in a small town, raising families, love, and their careers.

From love drama, divorce, scandal, and more the show will keep you hitting the next episode after the next episode until well you are at the end of Season one which is where I found myself a few months ago not sure whether or not they would opt for another season.

This news broke just days ago;

While I am not sure who will be returning for the next season I would like to assume most of the key players will be back.  They have to finish what they started right?

Joe Welsh, I know what momma wants for Christmas!

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