Make no mistake, there will never be a better TV offering than The Walking Dead. I've seen a lot of television in my time and that is simply the best show EVER.

But TWD has now become, for me, a great ACTION series. It left horror behind long ago, and that's perfectly alright.

SyFy's brand new anthology, Channel Zero, COULD be the best horror series ever. I would have to think about it, but I bet I'm close if I'm not exactly right.

This first season's story is called Candle Cove and, in fact, is listed as Channel Zero: Candle Cove.

Each season's stories will be adapted from what are known as creepypastas--Internet horror stories that have been passed around via forums or other websites.

It's like online urban folklore.

And Channel Zero: Candle Cove delivers the creeps and crawls.

The first season's first three episodes have already aired, meaning that the season is already half over.

Yep, six episodes.

But that's fine. If that's all you need to tell your story, don't ruin it by stretching it out needlessly.

What we have with Candle Cove is the story of a child psychologist whose frequent nightmares have sent him back to his hometown of Iron Hill, Ohio where five children were murdered when he was also a child back in 1988.

The good doctor, also a renowned author, believes a weird, crudely-produced children's program called Candle Cove had something to do with those murders.

And now the show is back on the air.

Thing is, it airs on a dead channel. No one has any idea where it's produced.

But the unsettling, low-tech puppets that appear on the show are the stars of these nightmares that the doctor and others who've grown up in Iron Hill have been having.

The mystery is who's producing the show and how could it have something to do with the killings.

Great show.

I'm a very hard judge of horror, and this thing is completely disturbing.

The fourth episode won't air until Tuesday night, but those first three are available on On Demand and would make a terrific Halloween companion piece.

In the meantime, take a look: