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Kentucky's 2012 NCAA Champ Team Voted Best of the Decade
In a decade that started with Duke winning the NCAA title over Butler, remember when Gordon Hayward almost spoiled the party with possible game-winning three? and ended with Virginia winning its first-ever championship, one team reigned above the rest: the 2011-2012 Kentucky Wildcats.
The NBA Draft: Will UK’s Nerlens Noel Still Go First?
We are less than 24 hours away from Commissioner David Stern announcing the first pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. As of right now, most experts still have short-lived UK star Nerlens Noel as the number one pick. On the other hand, since Noel tore his ACL midway through his first season with Cats, some e…
Didn't we kinda know, or at least think, this was going to happen? That one day, the famous Anthony Davis unibrow would become star?
UK First School Ever to Produce Top Two Draft Picks
I think we kinda knew that, between Kentucky and North Carolina, the NBA Draft in New York City would definitely be tinted blue. But it's Wildcat Blue that dominated the top of the draft. For the first time in history, one school has produced the top two picks in the NBA Draft. And that school …
UK’s Anthony Davis ‘Immortalized’ in Cereal
Okay, so maybe NOTHING can be immortalized in cereal, but if it IS possible, a UK fan will figure out how. And, why would a UK fan work hard to make certain of such a feat? Well, if he made a portrait of, say, Anthony Davis using cereal, for example.

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