Back to School

Is Your Child Safe?
Angel here and I am going to be completely real and raw for a moment.   One of my worst fears in the world is someone hurting or taking one of my children.  I would go to the ends of the earth to protect them while there are people out there who would do the same just to get to do jus…
The REAL Back To School Pictures
Let's be totally honest we don't always post the worst pictures we take especially on the first day of school. Several local parents shared their "REAL LIFE" Back To School pictures and they are hysterical-->
The stop arms on school buses in Kentucky have been around for at least 30 or more years. However, some drivers continue to ignore what is essentially a safeguard for kids getting to and from school. Save for emergency vehicles, it is illegal to pass a school bus.
Tuck's First Day of Kindergarten
Angel here! This was a day I have been on the fence about for a while now. I am both happy and sad that my last baby boy is heading off to school. It all seems to go so fast after this.
School is back next week and if you are still getting your kiddos geared up, make you stop Mount Calvary Baptist Church Saturday morning.

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