If you've listened to our BKR's Dozen countdown Saturday mornings then you are familiar with my Hottie Of The Week. Chad and Dave count down the top ten songs of the week and Moon has his Sloppy Seconds and I have a Hottie! (I know, I have a hottie? Don't act shocked! Haha!) This week my hottie is a double hottie, yep.. musically and in real life!Now, in the past, Brantley Gilbert and I have had a rocky relationship. Ok, so he has no clue who I am, but trust me, it's been rocky! I've always been a fan of his music, both that he's released personally and his songwriting abilities for others. But, I've always said two things bugged me about him. His attitude (well, my interpretation at least) and his nasty cut-off tshirts. Seriously, half of the time boy looks like he just stepped out of the gym and walked on stage. Not that I mind him being in the gym, look at those arms! :) But, let's put a little effort into our presentation, right?!? What's wrong with a nice, CLEAN, plain tshirt Brantley? I'd be totally cool with that! Haha!

So, anyway, Brantley just released a new single,"You Don't Know Her Like I Do". Well, guess who loves it?!? ME!! His ability to story tell with his writing is amazing. And, he has that Miranda Lambert-ish ability to make you really feel that what he's singing, he really means.



So, my Hottie Of The Week is also an apology to Brantley. Here's an open letter to him from me:




Dear Brantley,

I'm sorry that I said you had a bad, chip-on-your-shoulder attitude and that your nasty tshirt collection should burn. Your new song rocks and you are extremely talented.

I hope we can move on from this and continue a great friendship.



PS... It's not that I don't like looking at your beautifully sculpted arms, it's just that those nasty gym shirts distract from it. And, I will continue to bug you on twitter (@jacgravesmusic) until you agree to come on my show.

See, wasn't that nice? A big thanks to Connie, a WBKR listener, for telling me to just get over the tshirt thing. You're right Connie, he's good!

Take a listen for yourself! (And note how nice his shirt looks!)


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