burns elementary school

Barbie Goes Rags To Riches
Vickie Hamlet has always been artistically talented. As the After-School Director for an elementary school, it's like a prerequisite to be creative. During quarantine, she has been extremely busy crafting up a major project for her kiddos when they return to school.
How To Make Kona Ice
Angel Here! On Friday I had to pleasure of hanging out with Burns Elementary Staff and Students at Field Day. I enjoyed water slides, obstacle courses, and learning to make Kona Ice!
Happy Birthday Aaron!
Earlier this week Chad posted a story about Aaron Stamper, a Kentucky Teen battling cancer.  His 16th birthday is this coming Sunday, April 2, and he has one simple wish.  He asked that his mailbox is filled with birthday cards!
Country Bumpkin Pumpkins [Video]
Last Friday, Brett and I headed off to Burns Elementary School armed with a Jeep full of pumpkins from Trunnell's Farm Market.  And, with the help of some 1st and 2nd graders, we "Sharpened our Saws" and turned those pumpkins into country bumpkins!  And we had a blas…