BES teachers are educating students on giving back and helping children just like them! They're in the final days of collection and have already knocked it outta the park. Check out these heartwarming stories.

Burns Elementary School

This week at Burns Elementary School, children are learning valuable life lessons and it's a beautiful thing! They're having fun, learning and raising money for Norton’s Children’s Hospital until Friday, March 15th, 2019. Let's give these children a round of applause!

BES preschoolers rock! They had their first ever Trike-a-thon this week, raising over $450 for Norton Children’s Hospital. The children look like they had a total blast!

Each day a student donates to the Change War this week, they'll get a chance to participate in giving a teacher a messy reward!

Burns Elementary School

Norton’s Children’s Hospital is special to the BES family for good reason.

Emily Young for Burns Elementary School

BES Art Teacher, Emilie Young, shared her beautiful family’s story about their amazing experience with Norton Children’s Hospital. Her daughter, Morgan, was diagnosed with congenital heart defects and congestive heart failure at 13 days of age and has seen the same pediatric cardiologist for over 26 years. She will continue to follow-up with one for the rest of her life.

Emily explained, ‘I’m proud to be a part of BES and their efforts to raise money for such a worthy and life-changing/saving facility as Norton Children’s Hospital.’ She added, "Our family has been incredibly blessed with nurses, nursing assistants, physicians, cardiologists, surgeons, specialists, and radiologists who took such amazing care of our delicate bundle of joy, while also educating and taking care of us along the way."

Lauren Ashby Fitzmaurice for Burns Elementary School

Norton’s Children’s Hospital has impacted many BES students and BES staff members.  Lauren teaches 3rd grade and her son, Miles, is a Norton's champion and heart warrior.

Just weeks before he was born, Miles was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect that would require open heart surgery just days after birth. Miles is now 5 years old runs, plays, and is extremely active. Norton’s Children’s Hospital is a blessing to this family and so many others!

Burns Elementary School

Great job BES staff and students!