Okay, so Halloween is almost here and a couple of weeks ago I put out a feeler for ideas for Owensboro-inspired costumes. I love these and one is so out of the box, it's brilliant.
Chad & Angel's Halloween Costume
Angel here! Chad & I are just as close off the air as we are when we are on the mics. Of course, when we are planning what to wear for Halloween it's a must we go as a perfect duo~
This is absolutely adorable! Check out these little guys as Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan for Halloween! Look out ladies.
Top 10 Halloween Costumes
My friends just rocked out Halloween.  Seriously.  I had a blast going through Facebook over the weekend and seeing what everyone dressed up as.  Some costumes were hilarious.  Some were clever.  And some were downright horrifying.  I decided to share some of my favorites here at  I wanted you guys to be able to see what I had the chance to see.  So, here it is.  My version of Fashion Po
Popular Costumes For Halloween
As Halloween draws closer, you see more & more parents out shopping for Halloween costumes and loading up on candy for the trick-or-treaters...This year still a very popular costume is "Harry Potter" and superhero's like "Superman" & "Spiderman" are always a hit. You can find costumes for just about anything and everything like occupational, animal, bugs, adul