Okay, so Halloween is almost here and a couple of weeks ago I put out a feeler for ideas for Owensboro-inspired costumes. I love these and one is so out of the box, it's brilliant. 

1. Gabe's Tower 

Dave Spencer

No matter what ends up happening to Gabe's Tower, this is one that's pretty obvious and timeless, in the sense you could pull it off today or ten years down the road.

2. Gabe himself

Dave Spencer

This would be a hoot! Never underestimate the power of a good string bow tie and a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.

3. Road Ahead Sign and/or Orange Cone

Getty Images/iStockphoto

This is another timeless one and easy to do, well the cone would be. I just hope no one confuses you with a Tennessee fan. Just kidding.

4. The Moonlite BBQ Giant Burgoo Pot

Moonlite BBQ Inn/Facebook

It's iconic and at the same time would be a chore to put together, because you would need the lettering details.

5. Jon Brennan-The Real World years

Keith Richardson via YouTube

Here's the "out of the box" suggestion from my friend Cory. I lost my mind when I read it. Get a mullet wig, a big-brimmed hat, boots, jeans, pattern shirt, and guitar. We love Jon by the way.

Bonus pick: Oink the Kentucky Legend Pig

Kentucky Legend

Yes, and you have so many decorating choices. I would love someone to try the "Glam Ham" one. That's a costume contest winner right there.

What are some other Owensboro-inspired Halloween costumes you can think of? Let me know at the WBKR Facebook page and Happy Halloween! 

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